8-1/2"Долота PDC со стальным корпусом

  1. Модель:DFS1605U</br>
  2. IADC&nbsp:S223</br>
  3. Долота PDC со стальным корпусом обеспечивает лучшую ROP в пластах с мягкой и средней твердостью и меньшую прочность на сжатие.

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Steel Body PDC Drill Bit obtains better ROP in soft to medium hard formations and lower compressive strength.



  1. Durasef Gauge: Super strong material promotes gauge wear resistance to enhance long lifetime.
  2. Hydraulics: The movement and cooling of cuttings can be optimized by the hydraulic design that matches the chip quantity and displacement of each blade.
  3. Special Backrake Design: A Backrake can be added in the bit in order to prevent the bit from getting stuck when drilling.



  1. Unique Blade Design: Importing exclusive cutting teeth and unique curved blade design improve the ability of drilling in hard interlayer.


PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:                                                                                              

IADC code S223
Number of Blade 5
Number of nozzles 5
Total Cutters 40
Main Cutter Size 5/8"(16 mm)
Gauge Length 2.0"(5.08cm)
Junk Slot Area 18.4 in2 (118.7cm2)
API connection 4-1/2” API Reg.



Flow rate                          

Rotary Speed 60~350 RPM
Weight on bit 25~100KN
Mix Weight on bit 130 KN
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