12-1/4"Долота PDC с матричным корпусом

  1. Модель:DF1906U</br>
  2. IADC&nbsp&nbsp: &nbsp M323</br>
  3. Долота PDC с матричным корпусом подходит для средних и твердых пластов с оптимизированным профилем коронки и расположением резцов.

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Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit is suitable for medium hard and hard formations with optimized crown profile and cutters layout. It can achieve better performance in deep intervals. Long service life and high performance help reduce the drilling cost.



  1. Durasef Gauge: Super strong material promotes gauge wear resistance to enhance long lifetime.
  2. Hydraulics: The movement and cooling of cuttings can be optimized by the hydraulic design that matches the chip quantity and displacement of each blade



  1. Unique Blade Design: Importing exclusive cutting teeth and unique curved blade design improve the ability of drilling in hard interlayer.
  2. The formula of matrix powder: independent intellectual property rights and advanced sintering technology have made the mechanical properties of matrix reach the international advanced level. The blade of the matrix drill can be designed to be deeper and narrower. It can completely satisfy the complex drilling operation in the well.



IADC code M323
Number of Blade 6
number of nozzles 5
Total Cutters 49~56
Main Cutter Size 3/4"(19 mm)
Gauge Length 3.0"(76.2cm)
Junk Slot Area 42in2 (271cm2)
API connection 6-5/8” Reg.



Flow rate 100~350 GPM / 38~62 L/S
Rotary Speed 60~260 RPM
Weight on bit 3~15Klbs / 20~160 KN
Mix Weight on bit 20Klbs / 180 KN
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